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WHOIS privacy protection safeguards your business from domain theft

WHOIS Privacy Protection

WHOIS privacy protection safeguards your business from domain theft

Are you new to websites? Are you not familiar with add-on services registrars can provide while purchasing domain name? You might not be aware of one of the important services known as domain privacy protection or WHOIS privacy protection. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss importance of privacy protection.

You have to offer personal details when you submit or register any domain. This date generally goes to WHOIS directory that can be accessed by anyone. This is a series of details that depicts who is the owner of IP address. This is must to offer some specific information at the time of registering any domain. This information should be accessible to public by law so this directory has been created by ICANN.

Every person can see your website and detail of owner via this directory. If you do not want to share your pertinent facts, phone number, address, web hosting information with others, then you need to go with the options that help protect your personal data. You should go with domain privacy protection option in order to mask personal details.

WHOIS privacy protection can be great option for people or business who wants to be safe. There are so many benefits of using it like:

1. Prevent information or identity theft:

helps in Identifying theft
You have to submit your personal details like contact detail, birthdays, address, credit card digits and more. Hackers can steal your information and create some damage to your business by accessing your personal details. WHOIS database can be the first target of hackers so you should better go with privacy protection.

2. Prevent telemarketing issues:

This information is used by the telemarketers to promote their business. They can steal your phone number and keep irritating you with sales calls. You can also face some other issues like junk mail or spam by having email address out in open. This is really not a good idea to leave your personal detail unsafe and available for everyone. Keep this information out of public view in order to protect yourself and choose Add-On services like WHOIS privacy protection.

You can retail ownership and total control of your domain by just going with domain privacy. You need to make your personal information widely available for the people. You can save a headache or harassment by masking your info. You are no longer needed to sale your online identity, personal information to the public. You can put a full stop on identify theft or fraud. This safe option is all about allowing 3rd parties to get in contact with you without revealing personal information to people. Go with it to avoid domain related spam.

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