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What is domain name registration? What’s the process and why you need it?

What is domain name registration? What’s the process and why you need it?

What is domain name and domain name registration?

Domain name is required for almost all sorts of business that needs a site or blog. If you are thinking about having a domain name, then you need to learn all about the process. Domain registration is a simple process and it is all about registering a name for your business website or blog. This name identifies one IP address or more with a name. This domain name is use in URLs in order to figure out specific WebPages. The business or owner/person that gets the domain name registered is known as domain name registrant. Registrars assist organizations or individuals register domain name. You need to choose extension for your domain name that include .tv, .pro, .name, .mobi, .us, .biz, .info, .net, .org, .com and more. The process needs using the services of an ICANN, a domain name registrar or national ccTLD accredited company. This company has the power to register these domain names.

What is the domain name registration process?

First of all you need to choose a domain name for your business. It should be small, relevant and show your service or product. Now you need to find a registrar to submit your domain name registration request. You should know what information you need to submit to registrar. You need to submit your name and contact details along with desired domain name. You are also required to submit payment information and desired domain name registration terms. Once you are done with submitting the required information, registrar will initiate the process of your domain registration by sending your request, technical domain detail and contact information to the registry.

  • Decide domain name
  • Submit desired domain name and required contact information to registrar
  • Registrar will send your domain name request to registry
  • These registry files contact details for Whois.
  • It adds files (domain zone) to master servers
  • Master servers and other servers on internet decide the place on internet where your business website will be stored.
  • All information will be updated
  • Domain will be considered as ready to use and registered

Why domain registration is important?

This is important as it provides you an identity. This process allows you to reserve a domain name on internet for specific time period. Having a specific domain name registered add professional credibility to your organization. It separates your brand from others. If you want to make your brand more visible, then go with right domain name and follow the above mentioned process to get it registered. This is how you can make domain registration process simpler.

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