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What is cPanel and how you can use it?

What is cPanel and how you can use it?

If you are thinking web hosting your website to increase your visibility online, then you need to know more about cPanel. It is the most popular control panels used in web hosting to manage the different services in a single place. The Linux-based control panel has a dashboard, which is used by most web developers. So, it is the industry standard and most people are acquainted with it. It is commonly used along with shared hosts. So, it is normally provided by any affordable web hosting providers. To manage your website, you need technical knowledge. But, by using cPanel, even a novice can manage their server or website with ease. Using it, you can make changes to the website using a graphical interface. So, without any technical knowledge, you can make the necessary changes.

Using cPanel

The graphical interface of cPanel guides the users to different services that will manage your web hosting account efficiently. You can use it easily as the interface is intuitive. You can use it to perform the following:

  • Create new email addresses
  • Monitor resources
  • Create new FTP users
  • Create subdomains
  • Install software

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, you can use the web hosting control panel to check the key metrics of the performance of the server. You can access a wide range of modules like Files, Databases, Preferences, Web Applications, Metrics, Domains, Software, Security, Advanced, and Email modules.

Why cPanel Hosting?

Most web hosting services offer you a cPanel. While other alternatives are available, people usually opt for cPanel. It is because of the benefits it offers compared to others. the Linux web hosting installs cPanel that offer easy control panel solution. You can experience the following benefits:

  • It is easy to learn compared to other panel controls.
  • You can use it easily for your websites
  • It saves you money and time
  • You will never feel confused as it is tried and tested
  • It comes with software auto-installers
  • You can access support or tutorial online

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