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Three Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Custom Domain Name

Three Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Custom Domain Name

Keeping aside all the other benefits having your own domain name is amazing. Suppose your name is Emma Hill. When you buy the domain name “Emma Hill.com” every person in the world will be aware of your name to find you online. It gives you a merit, nearly a power, a status thing.

Irrespective of what your name is, there is high possibility of hundreds of people having the same name as yours. Still there will be no other Emma hill on this globe that will be having that domain name. You can picture like having an online name that’s single and legal owner is you.

So, the question is how you will differentiate yourself from the other “Emma hill”? How will banding yourself though a customized domain helps in making online image?

Below are mentioned top benefits of the having your own domain name and how can you take advantage of it. Let’s start –

Top benefits of having your own domain name –

  • Simple – A custom domain name like “www.emmahill.com” is simple to keep in mind compared to a co-branded, generic domain name like – www.
  • SEO – Everybody wants there website at a good position on the search results on the search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo. Having own domain name can help in increasing the position of your website.
  • Locality – User’s geographical location can highly manipulate Google searches. So if you want to focus on the local customers you can get country extension added in your domain name for instance – “www.emmahill.com.uk”
  • Relevance – Currently there are more than 246 million domains active and there are almost 2 billion websites live on the internet. So have your domain as quickly as possible so that you can have domain that makes your profile.
  • Credibility – Potential customers easily get in business with an established and professional online presence which is made possible by having own domain name.
  • Ubiquity – you have the chance to get numerous domain names with diverse suffixes like – .net, .org, .Co, .me and connect all the suffixes with your business.
  • Customized – Getting a customized domain name will provide a real online presence and help in established your business as a brand.
  • Permanence – As long as your business is online keep your domain name. As long as you are paying the host that pout the domain name one else can use it.
  • Save money and time – Having your own domain name will save time of your customers when they want to reach you as they can easily find you and it will save your time and money also when you require to connect with someone. You can have a domain for low cost as a low cost domain will not make any huge difference and it will prove to be smart decision for inline business in future.

Having a customized domain name is mainly benefits in making your customers remember about you but for that your domain name should be simple easy to remember.

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