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Voovm Terms and Conditions

This agreement of terms and conditions describes the conditions of your use of domain registration services and other relates services. In this agreement, “you” and “Your” refer to you or any agent, employee and person authorized to act on your behalf. This agreement is to explain our obligations to you and yours to us for the services offered by Voovm.

You Agree to These Terms and Conditions

By using this website and the services offered by Voovm, you acknowledge that you are aware and agreed with the terms and conditions. There may also be specific terms and conditions associated with certain products, be sure to read the conditions carefully.

If you are considering registering your domain name in the registries such as .AC, .AI, .AU, .BZ, .CA, .CC, .CH, .CM, .CN, .CO, .CX, .DE, .ES, .EU, .FM, .FR, .GG, .ID, .IN, .IO, .LA, .LI, .ME, .MX, .NU, .PE, .PW, .SE, .SG, .SH, .TV, .UK, .US, .VC. .WS, you are agreeing to the additional terms and conditions pertaining to each such registry. You also have to be agreed to the WhoisGuard™ Service Agreement if you are getting enrolled in the WhoisGuard™.

Changes to Agreement

This agreement will change in response to changes in the needs of administrative bodies, governments, legislation and according to the changes in the industry. If you don’t agree to the results of such changes to this agreement, then you should not use this website. If you continuously use the services offered according to the change in the agreement, we will be bound to accept that you are agreeing to these terms of use. Therefore, we suggest you review this agreement before using the services of this website to stay aware of such revisions.


The terms described in this agreement will be effective as long as you have a domain name registered through Voovm or as long as you are using any service. You have to accept the condition that you will not transfer the domain name registration to another domain registrar during the first sixty days from the official registration date.

Services Provided at Will and Their Termination

We reserve all the rights to reject your domain name registration or may discontinue to providing services to you for any reason within one month or 30 days of service renewal and initiation. Out of this period, we can also terminate and suspend the services at any time for cause includes abuse of the service, payment irregularities, material allegations of illegal conduct, and registration of prohibited domain names. If you are found causing harm to this website and its services in any way then legal action will be taken against you.

Domain Name Registration

Voovm is an authorized firm with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) for Top Level Domains. We provide domain name registration and other related services to meet your interests and help you get the best brand in the industry. If you are looking for Top Level Domain and uses Voovm, you have to agree to the terms of the applicable registry.

Transfer of Domain Names

You accept that migration of domain name shall be overseen by ICANN’s transfer policy. This policy may and can be modified from time to time. Thus, be sure you read the policy before using the services. To transfer your domain name, you can contact our customer service number at any time and your transfer request will take 5 business days to be processed.

Expiration of Terms of a Domain Name Registration

You acknowledge that renewal and reactivation of your domain name is your responsibility and Voovm is not responsible for the loss you bear due to the expiration of its original term. The registrar will give the reactivation period to you and we are not responsible if you don’t renew or reactivate your domain name.


The failure of us to shall not affect the full right of your performance of any provision at any time. The waiver of a breach by us (of any provision) is held or taken to be a waiver of the provision itself.

Legal Age

You should qualify the legal age to enter into this agreement. You can also consider the age policy described in privacy policy before using our services.

Limitation of Liability

You accept that we will not be responsible for any suspension or loss of the service including domain name registration services, interruption of your business, interruption of our services, data non-delivery, and data misdelivery, misuse of your account identifier or password, and the processing of an application for domain name registration.

Storage and Security

To maintain your account access credentials including your username/login, password, support pin code, and API key, you have to be aware, as it is your responsibility. You shall be responsible solely for undertaking measures to (i) maintain independent backup and archival copies of your content, (ii) prevent any damage and loss may cause to your account, (iii) ensure the privacy of your password, (iv) ensure the security, privacy, integrity of your content shared through or stored on Voovm servers. The servers of Voovm are not an archive and shall have no liability to you or other people for damage, loss, destruction of any of your account.

Billing and Payments

We use third-party payment processors to assist us in processing your payment information securely. Such third-party processors’ use of your Personal Information is governed by their respective privacy policies which may or may not contain privacy protections as protective as this Privacy Policy. We suggest that you review their respective privacy policies.

Price Modification

Voovm reserves all the rights to modify the prices or fees of the services at any time. The modified charges shall be posted on this website and will come in effect immediately without sending you any notice. The modification or changes in prices shall be effective when the service is come up for renewal if you have purchased services for a period of month or year.

Renewal and Auto-Renewal

Most services offer an auto-renewal option in order to make sure that you will not experience any interruption or loss of services. The auto-renewal option is meant for the applicable services for a renewal period equal in time to the most recent service tenure expect for domain names. For instance, your auto-renewal service period will be one year if your last service period is for one year. Voovm attempts to renew the applicable services under auto-renewal services. We will take payment of current rates through the payment option you have filed with us at Voovm and you acknowledge and agree that the current may be higher or lower than previous rates for the original service period. Please note that the renewal period may also vary. For instance, some services may renew 30 days prior to the date of expiration and others may renew 5 days prior to the expiration date. However, you should elect to disable the automatic renewal service to manually renew your service before the expiration and the auto-renewal process being started. And please note that no refund will be processed for any service until it is specified.


The section heading mentioned in this agreement are added only for the convenience and in no way mean to define, construe, limit or describe the scope of such section or affect such sections in any way.

Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us for understanding more about these terms and conditions, you may reach us by submitting the contact form or send an email to info@voovm.com

Address: No 1, Pantrutiyar Avenue, Imperial Road, Chellankuppam, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, India – 607003

This document was last updated on April 30, 2020