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Study different domain names and their influence on SEO

Various types of domain names

Study different domain names and their influence on SEO

Most of the people ask about the connection of domain name and SEO and this guide is all about different domain names and influence on search engine optimization. Some people think that adding keywords in domain name will prove beneficial while others think that domain name should be as per the location. There are so many other issues that people may face. Some people have more than one domain name for their website in order to gain best ranking or positive impact on online reputation. This guide is all about offering solutions of all such queries, let’s check some facts below:

First of all, you need to understand the meaning of top level domains and location factor:-

Top level Domains registration

  • .gov domain extension indicates government websites
  • .edu TLD domain extension is all about reflecting websites belong to universities, school or any such educational website
  • .org is all about non profit organizations
  • .com is for US companies

This was the thing that people use to consider but it has changed and now lots of companies prefer using .com extension. Most of the people go with generic domain extensions like .net, .com, .biz and more. You can go with such generic option. Yes, domain extension impacts your search rankings slightly.

Quality of site is the main factor that determines your search rankings but you should also take care of domain name. If you want to make smart choice, then you should go with country specific extensions so that you can develop and grow your business in particular country. You can have .in, .uk,.ca and many such extensions to make your SEO results favourable. It can have indirect influence on your business development as you can specify your target country by having country specific domain. Most of the people think .org works better than other extensions but this is for non profit organizations. This extension is considered as the reliable one.

You can also go with expensive domain name extensions that are hardly bought by the spammy websites. It can add credibility and make you reliable website and such sites can rank better in trust.

Some domain extensions like .gov and .archi are the verified domain names and these verified sites can easily get good rankings in search results. You should think about the type of domain extension you can have for your website as this is not only about SEO rankings but about trust, relevance and perception.

There are different types of domain names available and you need to learn all about them so that you can choose the right option for your new business website. You can go with the right source and information.

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