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File Abusive Complaints and Stay Safe

Voovm strives to meet all the concerns of its customers and ensures users stay safe with us. If you are having issues regarding the abuse of our services including malware, spam, phishing, the exploitation of a child, email abuse, illegal pharmacy, hacking activity, Whois inaccuracy, and abuse report stands for any other inappropriate content. We have a policy of zero tolerance for spam activity and that’s why we are always aware of our customers’ needs and rights. We always review all complaints about validity and take an effective stand and appropriate action to get your queries resolved.

We request you to please verify your allegations with real evidence or any other relevant details to substantiate the abuse incident in order to take the right action. The evidence may vary depending on the type of concern you would like to report about. Whether you are receiving unsolicited email or comments, feel free to contact us. We welcome you to submit your comment or complaints regarding any illegal or abusive activity. At Voovm, we always seek for better opportunities to make your experience good with us. Stay in touch with us and we expect your cooperation and the required evidence from you to support our investigation.

For complaints, please send an e-mail to abuse@voovm.com.