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.Net Is the Best Alternative of the Already Registered .Com Domain Name – True or False?

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.Net Is the Best Alternative of the Already Registered .Com Domain Name – True or False?

You may not be the first one to have Google this up. With the millions of active websites, it is a common occurrence that you might often find the .com domain name of your choice already taken. As important as it is to choose a domain name, it is equally important to have the right domain extension. Here we are trying to help you find the .com alternative so that your search rankings are not impacted.

.COM and .NET are some of the domain extensions that help create a powerful online brand presence. The success story of .NET popularity is the Common.net that raised funding worth $9.3 million for its online reputation.

Is .Net Domain Extension right if you cannot find .com?

Before we conclude anything, it is essential to understand that the .net domain works better for services around networking, internet, database or email hosting, or something on these lines. But that does not mean that it will not work for any other business line.

1) It is popular

Almost 4% of the domain names registered today are on .net domain extension. This makes it a perfect alternative to .com. Although it was primarily introduced for the networking companies, today, around 14 million websites from different business verticals use .NET.

2) Equally good for SEO

It must not be forgotten that domain extension plays a vital role in the search engine ranking. The websites that use .com and .net have been noticed to be exhibiting the same SEO features. So whatever you choose, if your SEO effort is excellent and targeted enough, it becomes independent of the domain extension.

3) Internet users are accustomed to it

This is important. Internet users respond to .com and .net domains with equal trust. This is because people have seen it around since .com ages and treat them as trustworthy domains. It is finally the users who determine how right your domain name is. As they trust .net, so can you for a .com alternative.

4) Both are taken

It has been noticed that business prefer to take both .com and .net domain names so that their competitors do not take advantage of similar names. This proves it further that .net is equally worthy as .com.

To wrap

The .net and .com domains have been around since we have known the internet. It may not be the first choice while buying a domain name, but its popularity cannot be ignored. Not to forget that the users trust it, the .net domains turn out to be equally profitable for the businesses.

Cleary, .net domain extension was created for the network services, its popularity made it be a healthy alternative for .com. Its value is determined by the fact that if you try to purchase a .com and .net domain, you end up paying equal dollar value. As the market worth, popularity and acceptance are to be considered .com and .net go neck to neck, thus making it the right choice.

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