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Learn tips and tricks to secure your personal information, website and domain

Personal information security

Learn tips and tricks to secure your personal information, website and domain

You must be aware of how to optimize your website security and thus avoid hacking disasters. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your personal information, website and domain safe and secured.

Update software

You must ensure that all software is updated. It is important if you wish to keep your site well secured. It is applicable to the server operating system along with the software that you will be running on your site. If any site security hole is found in software then hackers will quickly attempt to maltreat it. If you use a managed hosting solution then you should not worry too much about how to apply security updates for your operating system as your hosting company will be taking care of it. In case you make use of any third-party software on your site, you need to ensure that you are fast in applying the security patches. Most of the vendors are having a mailing list that provides them a detail of any security issues of the website.  Some developers also use tools for managing their software dependencies as well as security vulnerabilities that appear in any package that you are dependent on. So be careful and keep these dependencies updated and use beneficial tools for receiving automatic notifications if any vulnerability is seen in any component.

Be cautious of any error message

You need to be careful regarding what information you are giving away in any error message. You must provide least errors to the users for ensuring they never leak secrets that are present on your server e.g. database passwords. Never provide complete exception details too because these can be making complex attacks such as SQL injection very easy. Maintain detailed errors in the server logs and provide the users that information that they require.

Keep a check on your passwords

You must be aware that you need to make use of complex passwords? It is vital that you use strong password to the server and site admin area. It is also important that you insist on great password practices for the users in order to protect account security. Enforce password needs like at least 8 characters that include uppercase letter as well as number will be helping in protecting all information in future. Store passwords as encrypted values.

Try to avoid upload of files

If you let you users upload files to the site, then it can be a huge security risk. Any file that is uploaded can contain a script which when executed on the server will completely open up your site. If there is any file upload form, you must treat each and every file with great caution. Never trust the file extension or mime type for verifying that any file is an image because these can be faked easily. If you can then run your database on another server. If you do this it will means that the database server will not be directly accessed from any external source and your web server will only have access to it. This will reduce the risk of the data getting exposed. Also restrict physical access to your server.

So follow all these mentioned above and keep all important information and your site and domain well protected.

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