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How You Can Get Creative With Your Domain Name?

How You Can Get Creative With Your Domain Name?

One must take number of steps to begin their ride into the world of starting a business. They have to undertake various difficult decisions that could either make or destroy their business or at the minimum obstruct its coming success. Among one such decisions which is usually missed by many new business owners is choosing a domain name of the company.

Choosing and getting a domain name registered for the company is highly essential. Though this appears as a small decision that one may think can be put aside till there is time, this wait fall short in identifying how essential a perfect domain name can be for getting recognition on the online platform.

Having a creative domain name helps in building brand authority, customer loyalty and allows a product to stand out in the world of competitors who are offering identical product and service. This is one of the decisions that should be taken seriously, it is not something that can be delayed till the last moment as if you hurry it at the end you might get stuck with a boring domain name that creates obstructions instead of help. So, when you choose a domain name, you require some creativity and time.

Below is mentioned some tips on how you can get creative with your domain name.

Choosing a creative domain name

Before your mind wanders towards what will the coat of domain name, there are some steps that you should go through. So choose a name that mirrors your brand and clears what your company deals in and fortunately indicates what you are offering to the consumer product or service. So, creative and catchy name is important.

There are numerous methods for choosing a creative name. There are two directions – brand centric or keyword rich domain name. Brand-centric domain names are mostly used by businesses that have already created their brand or name in the market whereas keyword rich domain names give importance to some SEO keywords or expressions that are might be used in describing a business’s offered product or service.

Here are some tips that you can use to come up with a creative domain name –

  • Compile word – Make a list of all the keywords that are associated with your product or service. If you want your customer to remember you for a keyword or trait, stress on that.
  • Be bold and broad– Don’t be hesitant with any idea that is slightly related to your business. If you discard ideas instantly you may pass a great opportunity.
  • Use a dictionary or a thesaurus- Through your buzzwords or keywords, using dictionary or a thesaurus you can find a synonyms or a precise version of word you are using.
  • Your location or company’s values- There is no need to always have brand name in domain name. Consider something that makes you stand out among your competitors like location or other aspects.
  • Easy to type and remember– Keep in mind to come up with a word which is easy to type and remember.
  • Misspellings– Mostly, your ideal word is already taken. Though misspellings or discarding vowels can create a catchy and unique word.

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