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How to transfer your domain name without damaging your site’s current reputation

Rebranding domain name

How to transfer your domain name without damaging your site’s current reputation

Are you planning to change your website’s domain name? of course, the reasons could be many why you want to transfer your domain name. Whether you want to rebrand or to simply switch to something shorter, changing your domain name is never tricky. However, keeping its current reputation is certainly a major concern for every individual.

No matter why you want a new domain, your SEO rank is what matters the most. Fortunately, there are ways to transfer your domain name without damaging your site’s current reputation. Here’s how you can make the task possible:


1. Purchase a New Domain

Start by purchasing a new domain for your website depending on which category it belongs to. Find the right web hosting provider and get it registered first.

2. Make a Holding Page for Your New URL

This step should be taken immediately as you can’t park your new domain. Create a single page with a new URL so that Googlebot considers it as a real site. It will also work as a communication portal with people, who are searching for your site. This way you can let them know about your new URL.

3. Back Up Your Site


Website backup
Create a full backup of your site. There are plenty of tools out there for creating a backup but you should choose one that enables you to backup and migration easily. Once you are done with this step, move ahead for the next.

4. Prepare Your URL for 301 Redirects

It is the most amazing method of notifying visitors and search engine spiders about the change of your permanent address. Now, redirect old URLs to the new one correctly. Since 301 permanent directs is the most search engine-friendly way of redirection, you will be able to retain your website rank easily. This way you can send search engine to your new domain name. Make sure they are able to index all of its content easily.

5. Inform Google About the Changes


Inform google domain name changeNotify google of the changes that you have moved your site to new domain. This way Google can find your site’s new location quickly and continue to display it within search results. Now, access your old domain name in Google search console and select the gear icon, as this will launch the change of address tool.

After that, Google search console will walk you through the procedure of submitting a request for your new domain and it will then run some tests to ensure everything is in order. Now, you have done everything you need to transfer your domain name while preventing your website’s rank from affecting.

In today’s scenario, you can do anything without working about your website’s current reputation. Just make sure you do everything ethically and flawlessly.

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