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How To Choose A Domain Name That Will Stand The Test Of Time?

Choosing long term impactful domain name

How To Choose A Domain Name That Will Stand The Test Of Time?

One of the critical decisions, when you are in business, is to choose the apt domain name. It may sound quite upfront; however, here is a list of things you need to consider while choosing a domain name.

1. Is it matching your brand name?

Why is this important? When you have a domain name that does not match the brand name, it proves to be bad branding. Using a matching name will enable people to find you easily just by searching for your name online. When you have the same name it also shows consistency and helps to raise to a strong brand.

2. Is the domain name ‘well branded’?

Features of a good brand name are:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Clear
  3. Expressive
  4. Short
  5. Attractive
  6. Inspiring

Does your name meet the above requirements? You also need to ensure:

  1. The way it sounds
  2. The way it looks when it is written
  3. Is it relatable?
  4. Is there any concealed meaning?

Share your options and get feedback from your network.

3. What do you see when you google your name?

Researching on google for domain
Search for your brand name and see what appears. You need to find out what resources are ranking for the name that you have chosen. When you are competing with other strong domain names, then it might be challenging to rank your brand name. So ensure to choose a unique name so that it is easy enough to rank for.

4. Is the domain name easy to spell or read?

Choose a domain name that people will remember easily and do not have to store it or write it down. This will again help people to locate you easily online.

5. Don’t overdo it with keywords

Avoid keyword overuse
It is better to choose a domain name that is good and creative rather than stuff it with keywords. However, it is ok to have a keyword or two in a domain name if it seems fine to you. Make sure your domain name is not spammy.

6. Do not use hyphens

When you use hyphens for your domain name, it tends to lower the quality of the name.

  1. It will look spammy (e.g. Manchester-city-guide.com).
  2. Imagine you are telling your domain to someone. “Manchester hyphen city hyphen guide dot com” it sounds really bad.

Very few best brands of the world have hyphens in their domain names. What does it tell you??

7. It the domain name optimized without looking spammy?

You need to select good branding above SEO here. If you can squeeze in a keyword. Then do so. But so not get stressed if you are not able to. Keep in mind to choose a creative domain name rather than a spammy one.

8. Is the domain name short?

Always keep the domain name short and sweet, so it looks neat. It is better for your business cards and email addresses. It looks good, is easy to remember and search in a browser.

9. TLD – Top-level-Domain

Top-level-Domain usage
This is the part that follows your domain name and before the subpages. Some of them are:






If your target audience is global, then you can choose ‘.com.’ If they are of a particular country then choose ‘.in,’ ‘.uk,’ ‘.co.uk’. Expectations are always there so ensure you keep this in mind while creating a domain name.

10. Is the domain name unique?

Make sure there is no one else using the same domain name with a different TLD. You can buy many TLDs for the domain name so that others won’t be able to buy the same domain name with another TLD


Keep all the above points in mind; it is vital to be creative and unique. You need to choose a domain name that will last for a lifetime. Go ahead and put on your creative hats and choose the best domain name

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