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How the latest updates in Google can affect your online business?

How the latest updates in Google can affect your online business?

Those people who are associated with digital marketing and using SEO techniques to promote any business, they should know all about the recent Google algorithm updates and its effects on ranking and traffic. Many of the people have faced ranking and traffic dropped lately and it can be due to this newly introduced Google update. You should know all about it so that you can figure out the ways to regain the search engine rankings and lost traffic, let’s talk about this update.

Google bots crawls million web pages at a time and Google will do the same and it is going to change most search rankings. The recent updates have already shaken the whole internet. The people who have their sites on 2nd position in SERP, they have lost rankings or few of them accepted a big ranking drop encounter. Some marketing executives are claiming that this is not just an update but it is like an adjustment to filter. Some spam sites with low quality content and information was on top of search rankings and now these sites are facing the actual position. The new filter application is all about improving search results and enhancing user experience. This is like an introduction of spam targeted filter.

It may take some time to kick out spam sites and boost the ranking of genuine and highly optimized sites and yes this is really a good thing. There are some sites that have noticed boost in ranking and traffic too. You might know all about Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update.

If your site is facing ranking drop and you thing there was nothing wrong in pages then there may be some other reasons of ranking drop. You might have violated webmaster guidelines. Core update is all about making user’s searches better and target relevant and specific sites or pages. This update is to improve how search system can assess content overall in better way. Some pages that was under rewarded or having no ranking can do better.

You should focus on quality of content that should be reporting, information and based on analysis or research. Your content should offer interesting information and insightful analysis. This update tend to occur after few months so you need to follow the webmaster guideline in order to avoid any ranking or traffic drop issue.

If you have mobile friendly and genuine site with genuine information, then you can surely achieve the top rankings. These updates are introduced to make your website better so that users can get what they search for. You can recover ranking and traffic by just following guidelines.

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