How to Change DNS for a Domain?

If you want to change DNS for a domain, our guide will certainly help you. You should follow the given steps to change the name servers for a domain.

  • Log on to your Voovm account. 
  • Now, choose "Domains" then select “My Domains” option from the drop-down menu

  • Then select Active Domain option from the Left side & click on Manage Button.

  • Now Select the Nameserver option.

There are two options to change the DNS for a domain:

· Voovm BasicDNS - this option is right if you want to point your domain to our default nameservers:  

One can easily change DNS for a domain and get Voovm Basic DNS if he wants it to point to default nameservers. Our team also ensures you don’t face any issue while following the instructions given in this section.

·  CustomDNS - Go with customDNS if you wish to point your domain to custom nameservers (for instance, third-party hosting nameservers or your personal DNS servers if your domain is hosted with another DNS provider). To begin with, You can add/change your NameServer in empty lines. Then click on Change NameServer button.

We make sure our domain services go well with your current hosting plan. We always try our best to ensure all your needs are dealt easily and you go ahead with a smooth process. Whether you have any query related to BasicDNS or CustomDNS, we surely come to your rescue with the best possible solutions.

Before you start, you should know that nameservers can take up to 24 hours (or more in rare cases) for local ISPs to update the DNS caches once your nameservers are changed. 

You can use the Proxy server to check your domain name as it does not store cache. This way you can see non-cached information. 

Follow these steps and you are done! If you have any queries, feel free to stay connected with our support team that specializes in serving the best possible solutions for your queries. 

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