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Does The Domain Registration Length And Age Matter In SEO?

Domain Registration Length and Age Matter in SEO

Does The Domain Registration Length And Age Matter In SEO?

What is the impact of domain age and registration length on SEO? It is a very important question that many people are searching to find an answer. You can find people expressing contradictory opinions on this subject. Trusted domain search and registration services always advise their clients to register domain at least for 2 to 4 years instead of choosing a 1 or 2 two year term. There many different types of packages to choose from. What could be the logic behind this advice?

What is domain registration length and age?

What is exactly domain registration length? It means that the number of years for which the domain renewal amount is paid in advance to the registrar. There are different types of packages for periods ranging between one year and 10 years. It is always advisable to choose a package with longer duration to add stability and credibility to your website as far as your search engine optimization efforts are concerned.

Domain age makes an impact on all leading search engines

Leading search engines including Google takes the domain age in a serious way.

You need to realize that SEO is an ongoing process and this journey needs to be complimented by choosing a stable domain name for a long period of time. When your site is there for a long time, it is assumed that you have been publishing unique and quality content and follow ethical traffic generation practices. This is a very important reason to make the search engines believe that you are a credible site and your site will not be considered as a spam site. The fact of the matter is that when search engine algorithms analyze several components, age of domain is also taken into consideration.

Domain Age

Your domain registration length allows your site to get rid of the spamming impression

Some experts are of the opinion that search engines do not take domain length or age seriously and people should spend too much time domain registration length and time. It is a fact that there are other more relevant factors that influence searching engines. However, it does not mean that the importance of domain age should be taken lightly. Search engines give high preference to the domains that are registered for a long period of time. There is a wide perception that domains that are registered for not more than a year are created for spamming efforts.

When every aspect of search engine optimization is analyzed in a detailed way, it can be said that domain registration length and age influence your SEO efforts. You need to make every effort to achieve higher rankings and generate maximum traffic. In such a situation, you should leave no stone unturned.

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