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Do domain Name and SEO rely on each other?

Do domain Name and SEO rely on each other?

Are you going to start and new business and worried about choosing right domain name? If yes, then you should know connection of SEO and domain name. Most of the marketing executive thinks that domain name is a great factor in gaining top ranking on search engines. It plays an important role in SEO game. Earlier people use to have EMD means exact match domain but now things have changed but still domain name is important. It can impact search rankings and SEO efforts. Here in this guide, we have mentioned how to find right or SEO friendly domain name, check it below:

Domain name matters for Search Engine Optimization:

How you can choose a SEO-friendly domain name

If you want people recognize your business website or domain, and then you need to have a SEO optimized domain name that can tell people all about your services, products, business or website. Your domain name should stand out of the plethora of search results. The more relevant domain name you have, the more clicks you will get. Having short and relevant domain name can impact search engine optimization and help accelerate search engine placement and reach target audience.

There are so many ways domain name can impact search rankings and SEO and branding and keywords is among them.

Branding domains and keyword domains:

If you really want your target audience search, find, share, remember and identify your brand online, then you should go with the domain name represent your brand or based on your brand. Your business name should be in your domain name. The most important factor to a SEO friendly domain name is branding. Your brand is unique and Google and your audience give more importance to the domain name based on any brand. You can also have domain name based on keywords associated with your business.

Google’s results or rankings are all about making user’s experience better and it likes what users like. If you have SEO friendly domain name and users like your brand name, then surely you will get more clicks and attention by the users and you will also be listed on top results in search engines. People will remember your brand name and share it. Positive branding, popularity and visits to your site help your website get listed on high rankings or top search results.

You should have a meaningful domain name that reflects your business or brand. You should have recognized or already established brand name or it should be unique. Yes, domain name can impact your online presence or SEO, so better choose it wisely and do not compromise on anything. You can also spend some time in research.

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