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The Winners of the Previous Contests

All the winners listed below have received an email/sms/phone confirmation about their prize.

Contests in May 2020

Contests Name Winners Name Prize Email

The King of Domain Quiz

(7th May to 31st May 2020)

Syed Rehanul Hafiz .com re ___ l __ f _ z@gmail.com
Sadiya Tazeen .com s ___ at __ e _ 6@gmail.com
Akshay Ramesh Babu .com ak ___ am __ u@gmail.com
Tamas Koncz .com k __ to __ am _ @gmail.com
Genas Matt .com tg __ 2 _ @gmail.com

Quarantine Domain Quiz

(7th May to 31st May 2020)

Alexander Durden .me al ___ hq _ @gmail.com
Anshika Gupta .me an __ i __ up __ 8@gmail.com
Vanita Ghodmare .me v __ od _ r _ @gmail.com
Vijay .me ya __ v _ ja _ 05@gmail.com
Anamika .me ad __ ti __ 4@gmail.com