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6 Consideration for selecting New TLDs for your website

6 Consideration for selecting New TLDs for your website

With the internet evolving rapidly, the number of TLDs that are relevant has started to diminish. If you are someone who has tried to register a “.com” domain, there are high chances that you may have faced the issue of finding an applicable one or two-word domain name for your website.

Here are a few things which you must consider while selecting new TLDs for your website.

1. Using Modernized TLDs

By making use of the new TLDs, businesses can stay well ahead of the curve. For now, the core group of TLDs like .net, .com, .org, etc. are considered less desirable. However, with time, even the new TLDs may become pretty common. Therefore, it is essential that you consider a modernized TLD while registering your domain after considering your target audience.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Every business is different and so should be the marketing strategy designed for the same. Understanding the audience which you wish to target through your business will provide the push towards choosing the right TLD for your business.

For eg, if your website is targeted towards individuals who like yoga, a TLD like .yoga would be appropriate to capture the attention of your target audience.

3. Being Specific

Understand the services offered by you or the type of business you are running. This can help you in picking the right domain name and can even substantially reduce your website URL’s length.

For eg, if you are running a tech startup, you can pick .tech TLD which can set your website apart from your competitors.

4. Increase in Creativity

You can make use of the available TLDs for upgrading your website address and boosting it to the next level. A few examples of creative website addresses are given as follows.

  • [Brand].fashion
  • [Name].cool
  • [Cooking Website].recipes
  • [Restaurant Name].pizza

You can pick from plenty of available new TLDs to create a descriptive and creative web address.

5. Protecting Your Brand

If you already have a generic TLD domain name, you may wish to scoop up a TLD from the newly available ones to match your web address and business the best. However, with the new TLDs, it is becoming difficult to protect a brand from the individuals who are trying to benefit from it.

Brandjacking and typosquatting are two of the main issues which can pose a threat to your brand protection with the introduction of new TLDs.

6. Availability of New TLDs

With every new available TLD, the domain space starts growing and more number of businesses and individuals can purchase the required web address. This can be greatly useful as the new TLDs make up only about 5% usage since more than half of the registered domains are under .com.

There are only about 22 domains of top-level and this resulted in substantial crowding in the domain space. The new TLDs give a way for businesses and individuals to distinguish themselves among all the other websites online.

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