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5 Things to take into consideration when buying a domain name

5 Things to take into consideration when buying a domain name

Most of the people do not care about domain name but this is important. Domain name has its own significance in terms of search engine rankings, customer attention and more. You should be very careful while buying any domain name for your business. Here, in this guide we have mentioned few factors that you should consider while buying domain name, check them out below:

What should be considered when buying domain name?

Avoid mimicking:

Most of the people try to have the same domain name as other popular brand has. They try to keep the domain name quite closer to other popular site. It resembles someone else’s site name. It may confuse your audience so you should avoid it.  Using major brand name for the sake of attractive clients or drive traffic is no longer effective. Earlier, people used to use such tricks but now this trick is entirely fallen out of the favour with the copyright infringement lawsuits.

Use perfect domain length:

More words in domain name make it hard to remember and read. You should consider balancing between SEO and brand identity while choosing length. Short domain name like Yahoo, Google, Yelp, Amazon, Ebay and more are more successful as they are easy to remember and pronounce. No doubt, you need to add brand or product name in domain to boost search results but try to keep it short and readable. Too wordy domain name may bring headache to your visitors.

Go with something easy to spell:

Some people want to have a different or unique domain name to make them stand out of the crowd and they go with something including international misspelling or obscure words that will not work. Customers or target audience will find it hard to spell let alone remembering it.

Avoid using own name:

There are so many people who try to label brand name with their own names. There may be some personal purposes but this is not the right approach as it is not good for business. It does not indicate what your company offers. You may lack behind in search results. Unless you are a famous personality/athlete or already share industry name with your name, you cannot go with using own name in your domain. You should be aware of the importance of domain name in search results. You need to be more noticeable or found by the audience, so go with using something relevant to your business in your domain name.

Consider target audience:

We need to convince the audience to buy our services or products so we should consider target audience while choosing any domain name. You should consider age, location, gender and area where you audience live. You should also research on the terms your audience use to search you.

These are some tips that you can use while choosing any domain name. This is how you can get the best and beneficial domain name for your business, so go follow them.

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