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5 benefits a strong domain name adds to your brand

Strong Domain names

5 benefits a strong domain name adds to your brand

Going to make your business available online? You must know the basics before building your website so that it doesn’t take your business in vain. Choosing a right domain name allows your users to find you online easily. You can help your customers locate you with a domain name that is short and easy to learn. So, if you want to have a unique presence online then a name can give you a distinction from the rest, almost kind of having superpower.

Having a good domain name holds importance only if you want your business to be recognized by the users and make it a success. You can find over millions of businesses online but what is that one factor that will make you stand out from the rest? Think about it before it’s too late to act upon!

Just like many other business owners, do not get misguided that a domain name is just going to be an address for your website. Therefore, if you perform a little bit of research, you may find a number of factors on which you should bring into consideration when brainstorming domain name ideas. Below, we have provided you a rapid rundown of 5 tips to help you select a great domain. Just be clear with your business, vision and the motive behind giving it the final destination of launching it online:-

1. Domain Name should be a name easy to remember 

A domain name should be short and easy to memorize that accentuates on how creative you are. When a domain is easy to learn they also play a huge role in increasing your word-of-mouth and can easily be integrated in your various other marketing material. 

2. Make it Easy-to-Pronounce and Easy-to-Spell

When people consistently are mistaken while speaking your domain name because it’s too difficult to figure out, all of that potential traffic can be seen vanished. And this could be a factor that might lead people to give up browsing your domain name if they don’t have much time to invest in searching you and get transferred to your competitors.

3. Should justify your niche 

An ideal domain name should be distinguishable. It shouldn’t easily perplex people with the name of another site or business. Therefore, if people can be able to grasp your site’s concept with just your domain name, your half of the job can be considered to be already done.

4. Justify SEO guidelines

Keywords are a game changing aspect in SEO which justifies the fact that having a keyword (similar to your business) in your domain name could be of great advantage. So prior choosing a domain name, be assured that it fairly justifies the SEO guidelines.

5. Better Brand Promotional Factor

A good domain name should be worthy of explaining your business. Moreover, pen it down anywhere you want – that a domain name can help you build your brand! The clearer your domain name is, the best it will perform for either the search engines or the users.

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