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13 Strategies To Use If Your Domain Name Isn’t Available

Domain name strategy

13 Strategies To Use If Your Domain Name Isn’t Available

What if you find your domain name is unavailable? Well, it can be disheartening for some who really want specific domain name. But, fret not. This guide can be really useful for you as it offers you some ways that help get perfect domain name. Check out them below:

1. Try to buy domain name:

You can get site owner details by using Whois.com’s lookup feature. You can contact the owner and ask her for selling domain name.

2. Try TLDs

State code is TLDs (ccTLDs) also reliable in many countries so you can think about it rather than .com.

3. Think about new brand name

Two people may be associated with the same business and using product name in domain may be confusing so choose another name for your domain.

4. Go around the domain name:

If you are not getting it then you can add a verb to your desired domain name. Like you can add try or add verb to your domain name.

5. Extend URL by adding relevant words:

You can extend URL by adding some relevant word like if you deal in handbag business then try to add trendy in your URL. Like www.trenyhandbags .com can look natural and memorable too.

6. Try to add country name in domain name:

This is completely okay to add country name in domain name in order to get your domain name.

7. Alternative TLDs may work

In most of the cases you find that your domain name is taken with .com extension and you can opt for it technically by trying using alternative TLDs.

8. Try some abbreviations:

You can try abbreviations in your URL without impacting SEO. Suppose you have company name Raj Plumbing and heating, you can go with www.RajPH.com.

9. Use a Hyphen:

You can get your domain name back by just adding a hyphen. Such URLs are not easy to remember but still it works.

10. Play with some catchphrases:

Some catchphrases are memorable and short and you can make your domain name perfect by adding one. You can use your business slogan as your URL.

11. Set up domain monitoring:

You can monitor the domain and buy it when it expires. Sometimes site owner park their domain for sale or you may monitor it by using some tools. Whenever you find changes in registration status, you can find your chances to buy it.

12. Add ccTLD

You can add ccTLD in your domain name to make it creative and relevant. It is all about targeting traffic from that county. Some common examples may be .tv, .io and more.

13. Try domain hack

You can try some more other ways to make your domain name relevant and be in the race.

These are few ways to get your domain name. You can go with the strategy that helps get your objectives. You can also think about a new domain name with same meaning and objective.

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